wanted to take a moment and put in a plug for Kiva. It is a great way to help entrepreneurs around the world.  Kiva offers loans made up of micro-loans from hundreds of thousands of individuals like me and you. My $25 that I have been re-loaning over the last 10 years, has helped 5 businesses grow and expand. It is a great concept and a way to help developing countries improve their economy without “giving” away your money. go check them out  I received this recently in an email. and thought I would share

Watching and reading headlines of disease, displacement and conflict can leave us feeling so powerless. But the truth is we can act. And what we do does matter.

Consider lending to an entrepreneur in these regions in the news. Your support can go even further in crisis, conflict and recovery zones because other sources of funding may be harder to access.

Ebola Traumatizing West Africa
The climbing death toll from Ebola is creating panic and disrupting life in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea and Nigeria. There’s no business as usual during this crisis, which is why entrepreneurs in West Africa need all the support they can get.

Poverty Fueling U.S. Border Crisis
Tens of thousand of children are fleeing poverty and brutal violence in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras in search of peace and job opportunities. Small businesses can help provide opportunity and hope across Central America.

Fresh Violence in the Middle East
Bloodshed and instability in Iraq, Syria and Gaza have put tremendous pressure on humanitarian efforts in the region. You can support the vision of Kiva’s partners for a stable, economically healthy future in the region by making a loan.

Recovery Continues in Philippines
The Philippines continue to recover from Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda, which struck in late 2013. Kiva loans can provide building materials, farm products and school supplies to help residents when they need it most.

A small loan, in any of these regions, will help borrowers and their families. Take pride in every kind act you do. Hope is our lifeline and together we make our world better, more capable of healing and more capable of coexistence.

Thanks for lending,
The Kiva Team

Disclaimer: Due to the destabilizing effects of disease and conflict on local economies and communities, there may be a greater risk of delinquency or default to borrowers in these regions.



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