The West Wing

So I have to confess something. This summer I have been binge watching the West Wing. I am now in the 7th season and am excited to see how everything pans out. I have enjoyed getting to know the characters and riding the adrenaline rush that has been present in almost every episode. Watching the characters grow over the series as a whole has been a wonderful experience. I know this is an “older” series, but I think the story lines and message still hold true today.

President Barack Obama surely encounters similar crises every day as well as the mundane decisions he must make in tandem with his staff in order to keep the White House in order and running.  Things that the public never hears about and yet may define the future of this country. The tumultuous days that happen quietly in the West Wing are the ones that make the most waves in the history books.

I hope that someday soon we will see another series as brutally honest as this one  as to what politics means in this country. More importantly a more engaged population in the matters of state and local legislation. We need daily reminders of what our freedoms truly mean and what it means to exercise them. Getting off of the soapbox now.

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