riding a bike and proud daddy moments

So, recently we managed to get Aidan back on his big boy bike. The short story about the bike is that Aidan got a new one a little over a year ago and he was ecstatic. He rode it around and around and around. Either, on the first day or within the first week, he took the hill behind his grandparents’ house too fast (didn’t know where his brakes were) and slammed straight into the only tree he could have hit. This was one of those funniest home video moments. He was of course traumatized and refused to get back on the bike.

Fast forward to August, not too long before school started. I have spent all summer trying to get Aidan to get back on his bike. One particular evening everything falls into place. We had had dinner, Shane was home at a reasonable time, and the kids are looking to take a walk. Maura asks if she can ride her bike. We say ok and spend the next 5 to 10 min trying to convince Aidan to take his bike out. He is in tears within minutes.

Shane finally manages to get Aidan on his bike and starts going around our circle which includes a little bit of a hill. To say that Aidan was cautious about the hill is a bit of an understatement. He was downright petrified. But Shane stuck right with him and after much cajoling and prodding, Aidan inched his way down hitting his brakes every couple of feet. He still hasn’t gotten over being scared of the hill but he is going a few extra feet each time before he hits his brakes. Since getting on his bike again, Aidan has been enjoying his daily/weekly bike rides.

For open house this week the teacher had some work out for the parents to peruse. Here is the proud daddy moment. For all of the questions there was a common theme in Aidan’s answers. Everything had to do with being able to ride his bike and ride it down our hill.
Most of the time we as parents aren’t able to see the immediate fruits of our labor. The daily menial tasks that we perform while building the base of our child’s future don’t always equal immediate gratification in the here and now. But in that moment, reading through Aidan’s work papers at school Shane got to see what one evening of working with his son to get back on his bike meant to Aidan. You couldn’t wipe the grin off my husband’s face for the next few days. I am just so thankful that Dad and Son got to have that moment together.

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