4 Annoying Things People Say To Work-At-Home Moms Scary Mommy

Yes, I realize I am fortunate, but ‘easy’ it certainly isn’t!

Source: 4 Annoying Things People Say To Work-At-Home Moms Scary Mommy


Thankfully I don’t experience these kinds of questions very often. Every time it does happen, it brings a certain amount of guilt bubbling up inside that these things should be true for me. Yes I know I can’t do everything and do it all perfectly and take the coveted afternoon nap we all dream of when our kids are still napping. I know that every day a choice I make, whether I choose to work, play with the kids, or do household tasks means that something else isn’t getting done.

I am learning to “let it go” and remember that there are only so many hours in a day and I can always do the dishes tomorrow. Meghan meanwhile won’t always want me to play dolls with her, Aidan won’t always need help with his Lego’s and Maura will be (Ahhh!!!) a teenager soon and may decide to hate me. For now we are all working together to get the job done.