How do we celebrate birthdays?

I have constructed a birthday survey to get quantitative results on how people feel about and celebrate birthdays. If you have time, it would be great to have your input. You can access The Birthday Survey here. This is a social experiment of sorts and all results will be posted anonymously.

No one is receiving any kind of financial benefit from this survey.

If you would like to know more about the project, you can find out more here.

I truly appreciate your time and help with this project.

Thank you!  -Gael





Source: How do we celebrate birthdays?


10 Reasons Not to Call Your Child Shy | Laurie Hollman, Ph.D.

Parenting the socially uneasy child is more complicated than labeling your child as “shy.” Your child may be different from you, if you’re outgoing. That difference or mismatch with you might make you uncomfortable, but it doesn’t mean something is problematic for your child.

Source: 10 Reasons Not to Call Your Child Shy | Laurie Hollman, Ph.D.

Found this today and thought I would share. I am sometimes guilty of a few of the things on the list. I do try to be aware of how each of my children interact with others. I am finding that my own interactions with others have been changing which has been challenging. Trying to find my footing again and helping my kids find their way as well.


4 Annoying Things People Say To Work-At-Home Moms Scary Mommy

Yes, I realize I am fortunate, but ‘easy’ it certainly isn’t!

Source: 4 Annoying Things People Say To Work-At-Home Moms Scary Mommy


Thankfully I don’t experience these kinds of questions very often. Every time it does happen, it brings a certain amount of guilt bubbling up inside that these things should be true for me. Yes I know I can’t do everything and do it all perfectly and take the coveted afternoon nap we all dream of when our kids are still napping. I know that every day a choice I make, whether I choose to work, play with the kids, or do household tasks means that something else isn’t getting done.

I am learning to “let it go” and remember that there are only so many hours in a day and I can always do the dishes tomorrow. Meghan meanwhile won’t always want me to play dolls with her, Aidan won’t always need help with his Lego’s and Maura will be (Ahhh!!!) a teenager soon and may decide to hate me. For now we are all working together to get the job done.


waiting for the words to come…

So I have been waiting for a brilliant, epic thought to come to me that I could write 1500 words about. It hasn’t happened yet. Big surprise there. Having been able to find inspiring work written by others, I am happy to be able to share their work with everyone. I hope you don’t mind if I continue to share the nuggets I find. But I thought I would fill you in on what I have been up to. Besides being able to spend the summer with my three wonderful little’s, I have added a few things to my job description and repertoire. Namely some solo light web design (Brushes & Barstools), project management and copywriting.

  • Lance and Dorothy @ Brushes & Barstools were fantastic to work with and I can’t say enough about how excited I was to work with them. They have let me grow and try out new things with their website without complaint. I can honestly say they are dream clients.
  • The project management has come easily and in an unexpected way. Having majored in Construction Management, I never considered applying those skills in a virtual way. Today though I am managing an average of 5 projects at a time with one client; each with their own schedule, list of deliverable items and client requests. It has truly been an eye-opening experience and a wonderful way to get my bearings in virtual project management.
  • I had always been doing the copywriting, but it has finally been long enough (and I have finessed my style) that I have document-able analytic data and results that show my writing method is effective. This is a huge deal.

That is all for now. Keep an eye out for my next great find!


My Blog Article Goes Live

Today had a big landmark for me. I published my first online article that I have a link to and know that it is live. I can’t express how cool that is for me. I have been working my business earnestly since August and while I have had some cool moments, this one takes the cake. There is something undeniably self-gratifying to see your work go live in real time. I also got to post it myself which made it even better. I have written countless articles over the past 5 years. I don’t have the rights to any of them. While this post doesn’t have my name on it, rest assured its my work. SO if you have a moment go check it out and if you don’t have a moment, go look anyhow.


Writing for Me

I keep having to remind myself that its ok and necessary to write just for me. I have gotten caught up in the hurry hurry scurry movements of taking care of clients, taking care of my family and trying to keep the laundry pile at bay. Noble efforts all of course, but taking the time to write for myself has not been at the top of my list. This is something I am going to diligently work to change in the coming months. I have made some progress on the book I am writing, but I am not anywhere close to where I wanted to be with it by now. Part of that is the creative process I know, but carving out 10-15 min a day should do the proverbial trick. So here’s to starting anew just in time for the first big thaw to peak through the biting cold next week. Spring, thank goodness, will make an appearance. Yes, 48 degrees will be positively balmy compared to our recent temperatures.