3 Ways to Get Your Family Engaged in Genealogy – Root Pursuit

Written by: Gael Gilliland, Founder of The Legacy Recorder.   The genealogy journey can be lonely and desolate. Sifting through dusty documents and clicking on hundreds of “family name leads” only to end up at dead ends can be exhausting and soul crushing. What if I told you, it didn’t have to be that way? You…

Source: 3 Ways to Get Your Family Engaged in Genealogy – Root Pursuit

10 Reasons Not to Call Your Child Shy | Laurie Hollman, Ph.D.

Parenting the socially uneasy child is more complicated than labeling your child as “shy.” Your child may be different from you, if you’re outgoing. That difference or mismatch with you might make you uncomfortable, but it doesn’t mean something is problematic for your child.

Source: 10 Reasons Not to Call Your Child Shy | Laurie Hollman, Ph.D.

Found this today and thought I would share. I am sometimes guilty of a few of the things on the list. I do try to be aware of how each of my children interact with others. I am finding that my own interactions with others have been changing which has been challenging. Trying to find my footing again and helping my kids find their way as well.

Writing for Me

I keep having to remind myself that its ok and necessary to write just for me. I have gotten caught up in the hurry hurry scurry movements of taking care of clients, taking care of my family and trying to keep the laundry pile at bay. Noble efforts all of course, but taking the time to write for myself has not been at the top of my list. This is something I am going to diligently work to change in the coming months. I have made some progress on the book I am writing, but I am not anywhere close to where I wanted to be with it by now. Part of that is the creative process I know, but carving out 10-15 min a day should do the proverbial trick. So here’s to starting anew just in time for the first big thaw to peak through the biting cold next week. Spring, thank goodness, will make an appearance. Yes, 48 degrees will be positively balmy compared to our recent temperatures.

October Update

Wow. I haven’t posted since September. Which I think is like 10 years in the blogging world. October was amazing. Of course Ireland was an absolute blast. Seeing family after years apart is always an uplifting experience. That makes the leaving even harder, knowing you most likely won’t see them again for a number of years. But, the sad part aside, I immensely enjoyed the trip and thoroughly reveled in seeing Ireland through my children’s eyes. Being able to share that part of my family’s heritage was a dream come true. I know it was for my mom and mother-in-law as well. And we got some amazing pictures to boot. That is all for now. Update for November coming later.




looking forward to heading to ireland in october. have a lot of family to catch up with. countless nieces and nephews to meet and new spouse additions to welcome to the family. i haven’t been back in 7 years, which for me is a long time. So grateful that I am able to bring all of my children on this trip and will be in wonderful company with my mom and my mother in law. It is stacking up to be a trip to remember.