3 Ways to Get Your Family Engaged in Genealogy – Root Pursuit

Written by: Gael Gilliland, Founder of The Legacy Recorder.   The genealogy journey can be lonely and desolate. Sifting through dusty documents and clicking on hundreds of “family name leads” only to end up at dead ends can be exhausting and soul crushing. What if I told you, it didn’t have to be that way? You…

Source: 3 Ways to Get Your Family Engaged in Genealogy – Root Pursuit

My Blog Article Goes Live

Today had a big landmark for me. I published my first online article that I have a link to and know that it is live. I can’t express how cool that is for me. I have been working my business earnestly since August and while I have had some cool moments, this one takes the cake. There is something undeniably self-gratifying to see your work go live in real time. I also got to post it myself which made it even better. I have written countless articles over the past 5 years. I don’t have the rights to any of them. While this post doesn’t have my name on it, rest assured its my work. SO if you have a moment go check it out and if you don’t have a moment, go look anyhow.


Writing for Me

I keep having to remind myself that its ok and necessary to write just for me. I have gotten caught up in the hurry hurry scurry movements of taking care of clients, taking care of my family and trying to keep the laundry pile at bay. Noble efforts all of course, but taking the time to write for myself has not been at the top of my list. This is something I am going to diligently work to change in the coming months. I have made some progress on the book I am writing, but I am not anywhere close to where I wanted to be with it by now. Part of that is the creative process I know, but carving out 10-15 min a day should do the proverbial trick. So here’s to starting anew just in time for the first big thaw to peak through the biting cold next week. Spring, thank goodness, will make an appearance. Yes, 48 degrees will be positively balmy compared to our recent temperatures.


So I have officially opened up shop. Very excited to say that I am offering freelance writing and accounting services. I have created a page featuring my writing services and I am working on the accounting side. Researching all of the taxes, rules, and legal stuff to make sure I am crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s. Revisiting old research and fact checking to make sure I have it all straight. Not an easy feat to open a business in PA and check every box on the to do list, but I am getting it done. Feel free to visit my other pages on this blog to see what I can do for you.