Gael Gilliland – Writer & Consultant

Consultant to small and mid-size businesses, specializing in filling in the gaps of their business puzzle. I work on their business so they can work in their business while empowering them to take it from here.

What does it mean to hire me?

It means hiring someone who is always in your corner and working toward the success of your business. I will analyze then diagnose the existing problems, and work with you to implement solutions as well as preventative measures. My ultimate goal is to get you to a point where you no longer need me.

I offer one shot services to get you out of your proverbial rut and monthly retainer options to keep you in working order. Within a 3 month cycle, you will be ready to run on your own. This service is best for people who have already started their business or project and need help improving their efficiency while increasing their bottom line.

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