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After ghostwriting for 10 years, it still feels unreal that I have a published book with my own name on it, as the author. I get a little misty every time I see it or someone asks me about my book. Often I have to stop myself before asking which one because they are all “my” books even if I can’t claim them in the real world. I pour my heart into each one, all the while, channeling the author’s voice and soul.

That’s what we do as writers. We give a piece of ourselves to each article, book, and tweet in the hopes of making a lasting impression on the reader.



Gael has presented on a myriad of topics including but not limited to ~ storytelling, social media, how to talk to your kids, branding, and death (ikr?).


Gael published The Legacy Recorder Community Guide as an ebook in 2016 and as a print book in 2017. Since then she has added a few more books and journals to the lineup.


Gael founded, and still owns (there have been offers), The Legacy Recorder. Her mission is to help others create deeper, lasting connections through intergenerational storytelling.

About Gael

Gael founded The Legacy Recorder (2015) and self-published the Legacy Recorder Community Guide (2016) in an effort to share her passion for storytelling and penchant for writing about hard things like death and dying. Her mission is to help others create deeper, lasting connections through inter-generational storytelling. Today her storytelling methods and project approach are being used by people globally.

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As a speaker, Gael has presented on a myriad of topics including but not limited to storytelling, social media, how to talk to your kids, branding, and death (ikr?). On and off stage, she has worked to foster community and connections for a variety of events/communities, most recently for #SMWL19 & #SMWL20.

As a ghostwriter, Gael has completed eight manuscripts over the last seven years in addition to cultivating a consistent technical writing based clientele in the construction and product development sectors.

She is a writer/author/business consultant and millennial mother of three future creatives, who in the present day give her daily inspiration and a few grey hairs. She is an enthusiastic supporter of local music, local coffee shops, and new writers looking to make their way.

Current Speaking Menu…

Presentations can be tailored to your audience or group

Storytelling & End of Life: Reflect & Remember to Leave a Lasting Legacy

Gain an understanding of how to begin examining your life and recording your memories for when depth happens. This session is perfect for families and program organizers looking for an interactive opportunity to dig into life stories. 

Project Management: Mapping Out Your Project from Start to Finish

In this session, you will learn how to establish project goals, timelines, and set up for project success. The session will include practical exercises, interactive learning, and real-world examples to ensure you have a good understanding of how to set up a successful project.

This session will also tackle how to maintain the project schedule, keeping team members engaged, and how to have a fun rewarding experience while collaborating together. There will be interactive learning and exercises to help you get a sense of what a successful project feels like.

Intergenerational Storytelling: How to Work Together to Tell Your Family’s Story

In this session, you will learn how to approach your family, come up with a project plan, achieve project success, and work through potential problems that could come up during the project. How to navigate different family situations such as long-distance family members, family members with memory loss, and family members in or entering hospice.

You will have the opportunity to practice different management techniques that will aid in working with your family members. This session will equip you with the skills you will need to help your family complete storytelling and family history projects together, and still eat dinner together.

General Topics

  • How to adopt a new platform for your team/business
  • Storytelling in your business
  • In-house training on Project Management, Facebook, Copywriting, Branding etc.

Custom Presentations

If you have something specific you’d like to explore based on anything in the options above, feel free to schedule a chat and we’ll figure something out.

What are people saying?

“Gael has helped out my business to understand and conquer the world of Facebook, Branding and social media. She’s extremely creative and full of outside the box ideas!! Thank you so much Gael!”
Cheri ReadieOwner
“When I heard about Gael’s Legacy project and her approach to easily writing the story of your life, I IMMEDIATELY bought multiple copies. I have gotten profuse thanks from family members who are now deep into capturing those important memories and meanings from their lives!”
Wendy WhiteBusiness Strategist
When I need to brainstorm ideas or flesh out concepts, I check in with Gael. With her breadth of experience and knowledge, she helps me expand my reach, polish my message, and focus on my core concept.
I connected with Gael before she defined her niche in capturing the stories (and wisdom) or our elders and adding value for those serving that community. Though that’s not an area I work in, I still use her to gain insight and new connections. It’s creative synergy at its best.
Your ‘well of ideas’ dried up? Need to take your good idea to brilliance? Have a conversation with Gael!
Shawndra HolmbergAuthor, Speaker
Gael is a passionate writer and entrepreneur. Her business pursuits come from the heart, and she’s a sincere evangelist for everything she works on. The Legacy Recorder is a beautifully imagined and warmly pursued business that will succeed due to Gael’s winning mix of savvy and warmth.
Anais ConcepcionMarketing Strategist
Recently my family interviewed my grandma on her 86th birthday. We realized how little we knew about her life and wanted to learn more about her. We used some of the questions and the format from Legacy Recorder.
It was an amazing experience. It was helpful to have a format to follow and so fun to learn about her childhood and marriage to my grandpa. I highly recommend Gael and the Legacy Recorder!
Kristy HCEO

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